Chicken Curry

Heat and Serve Meals

A selection of delicious pre-cooked meals prepared using high quality ingredients and ready to heat and eat! All the meals are provided with heating instructions and served in disposable containers which of course means no washing up! 

Set Menus


Parsee Red Chicken Curry

A medium hot curry with tender pieces of chicken breast, Kashmiri red chillies, garlic , ginger and tomato


Goan Vegetable Curry

Medium hot with grated coconut, chillies, sweet potato, carrots, beans and peas


Served with

Aloo Gobi

Pan-fried potato and spinach simmered with lemon, tomato and aromatic spices

Naan Bread, Basmati Rice, Onion Bhaji, Raita


19.50€ per person

Order to be placed by 4pm the day before


Beef Lasagne

Layered with a rich meat and a creamy parmesan white sauce, plus the perfect amount of mozzarella cheese


Vegetable Lasagne

Tender vegetables, a light tomato sauce, lots of cheese and fresh Basil

Served with

Mini Garlic Pizza Breads, Chopped Mixed Salad, Vinaigrette


Irresistible 'Tiramisu'

17.50€ per person

Order to be placed by 4pm the day before


Pan Seared Sea Bass, Sauce Vierge

Moist sea bass filet with tomato, olive oil, lemon and fresh herbs 


Vegetarian Paella

Loaded  with vegetables, saffron and smoked paprika

Served with

Buttered Baby New Potatoes with Chives

Glazed Green Beans, Shallots, Garden Peas


French Chocolate Cake, Baileys and White Chocolate Sauce 

19.50€ per person

Order to be placed by 4pm the day before


Slow Roasted Chicken

Perfectly cooked and accompanied with Gravy, Yorkshire Pudding, Bread Sauce


Vegetarian Wellington

Beetroot, Butternut Squash, Mushrooms  in Puff pastry

Served with

Roast Potatoes,Olive Oil glazed Carrots with Anis

Garden Peas, Cauliflower Cheese


Apple Crumble & Raspberry Crumble

Creme Anglaise

17.50€ per person

Order to be placed by 4pm the day before


Light Bites
Only available to order with a menu or an oven ready dish
Minimum order amounts apply 

(Prices per person)

Thai Salmon Fishcakes 3.50€ (2)

Mini Sourdough Crust Pizzas 3.25€


4 cheeses (V)

Spicy - chorizo, onion, olive, chilli

Savoyarde - potato, cream, onions, bacon

Veggie - peppers, onion, courgette (V)

Hummus with Flatbread 2.50€ (V)


Herby Garlic Bread 2.50€ (V)


Asparagus with Serrano Ham 3.75€

Marinated Spanish Olives with Feta 3.00€ (V)

Oregano and Mozzarella Arancini, Sauce Arabbiata 3.75€ (3)(V)

Chicken Satay 3.75€ (2)

Oven Ready Dishes
Available to order Monday - Saturday (Minimum 6 Persons)
Order to be placed by 4pm the day before



Tartiflette 7.50€ per person

Charcuterie + Pickles 4.00€ per person

Confit de Canard, Lentil 'Stew' 8.50€ per person


Beef Bourguignon 7.50€ per person


Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Basil 6.50€ per person


Salmon Steak with a Pesto crust 8.50€ per person

Shepherds Pie 6.50€ per person

Cumberland Sausages, Onion Gravy 6.50€ per person

Beef lasagne 7.50€ per person

Thai Red Curry (Fish or Chicken) 7.50€ per person

Moroccan Lamb and Prune Tagine 8.50€ per person


Vegetarian Mains


Vegetarian Lasagne 6.50€ per person


Root Vegetable Tatin with candied Nuts and Blue Cheese 7.50€ per person

Vegetarian Wellington 7.50€ per person

Balsamic Lentil Pies with Vegetable Mash 6.50€ per person



Skin on roasted Potato Wedges with Sea Salt and Rosemary 4.00€ per person

Creamy Mash 3.50€ per person

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables 3.50€ per person

Jasmine Rice 3.50€ per person

Cous Cous 3.50€ per person




Croissant and Butter Pudding 3.50€ per person

'Black Forest' Tiramisu 3.50€ per person

Apple and Raspberry Crumble 3.50€ per person

French Chocolate Cake 4.50€ per person

Sticky Toffee Pudding 3.50€ per person