Chicken Curry

Heat and Serve Meals

A selection of delicious pre-cooked meals prepared using high quality ingredients and ready to heat and eat! All the meals are provided with heating instructions and served in disposable containers which of course means no washing up! 

Set Menus

* Menus are day specific ie Only the menu for that day can be ordered 

* Minimum order is 6 persons (Includes vegetarians)

* All menus are priced at 19.50€ per person

* Order must be placed latest by 4pm the day before

* (V) - Vegetarian option

* Peak dates filling fast - Order early to avoid disappointment


Roasted Vegetable Soup with a hint of Chilli and herb Crème Fraîche


Greek Moussaka, Chopped Mixed Salad, Garlic Bread

Vegetarian Moussaka (V)


Red Fruits in a sweet Mint and Star Anise Syrup


Roasted Aubergine Salad with Feta, Tapenade and Mint


Slow cooked Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Basil

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (V)


Asian Salad


French Chocolate Cake, Raspberries, White Chocolate Cream


Goats Cheese baked in Puff Pastry, Fig Chutney, Tomato and Red Onion Salad


Pork Fillet, Caramelised Apple, Calvados Jus

Broccoli Quinoa Cakes, Creamy Coriander Sauce (V)

Mustard Mash

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables


Brioche Pudding with warm Chocolate Sauce


Antipasti - Hummus, Flatbreads, Spanish Tortilla, Spiced Aubergine Dip, Olives


Baked Salmon Steak with a Herb Crust

White Bean and Parmesan Fritters, Sauce Arrabiata (V)

Minted New Potatoes

Glazed Green Beans with Shallots


Lavender scented Crème brûlée

Appetisers and Oven Ready Dishes

* Can be ordered for delivery Monday - Friday

* Appetisers can ONLY be ordered with a menu or an oven ready dish

* Order must be placed latest by 4pm the day before

* (V) - Vegetarian option (M06) = Minimum order number for that dish eg (MO6) is 6 portions

* Peak dates filling fast - Order early to avoid disappointment


Light Bites
Only available to order with a menu or an oven ready dish
Minimum order amounts apply 

(Prices per person)

Mini Sourdough Crust Pizzas 3.25€ 


4 cheeses (V) (MO2)

Spicy - chorizo, onion, olive, chilli (MO2)

Savoyarde - potato, cream, onions, bacon (MO2)

Hummus with Flatbread 2.50€ (V) (MO3)


Herby Garlic Bread 2.50€ (V) (MO3)

Oregano and Mozzarella Arancini, Sauce Arabbiata 3.75€ (V) (3 pieces) (MO3)

Oven Ready Dishes
Available to order Monday - Friday - Minimum 6 Persons PER ONE MAIN DISH**
** If you have vegetarians in your group this can be reduced eg For a group of 6 with 3 x vegetarians you may order 3 x non vegetarian dish (same dish) and 3 x vegetarian dish (same dish) For Vegetarian dishes, sides and desserts refer to the Minimum order number next to the dish
Order to be placed by 4pm the day before

Main Dishes


Tartiflette 7.50€ per person

Charcuterie + Pickles 4.00€ per person (MO2)

Confit de Canard, Lentil 'Stew' 8.50€ per person


Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Basil 6.50€ per person


Salmon Steak with a Pesto crust 8.50€ per person

Shepherds Pie 6.50€ per person

Beef lasagne 7.50€ per person

Thai Red Curry (Fish or Chicken) 7.50€ per person

Moroccan Lamb and Prune Tagine 8.50€ per person


Vegetarian Mains


Vegetarian Lasagne 6.50€ per person (MO1)

Vegetarian Wellington 7.50€ per person (MO1)

Chickpea, Spinach and Sweet Potato Curry 6.50€ per person (MO1)



Skin on roasted Potato Wedges with Sea Salt and Rosemary 4.00€ per person (MO2)

Creamy Mash 3.50€ per person (MO2)

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables 3.50€ per person (MO2)

Jasmine Rice 3.50€ per person (MO2)

Cous Cous 3.50€ per person (MO2)



Tiramisu 3.50€ per person (MO4)

Apple and Raspberry Crumble 3.50€ per person (MO4)

French Chocolate Cake 4.50€ per person (MO4)